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Dim-to-Warm COB LED
Description Order Number
Dim-To-Warm COB LED DW208
Balance Resistor (Spare) DW208-BR
Alignment Board (Spare) ALIGNBRD
18° Reflector 12352
34° Reflector 12083
47° Reflector 12083

What’s Included?

  •    Dim-To-Warm COB
  •    Color Balance Resistor (see page 5)
  •    Alignment Board to aid assembly

What’s Not Included?

  • Thermal Interface Material
  • Heatsink
  • Screws And Washers

Dim-To-Warm COB LED

Hailux Lighting’s Dim-To-Warm COB LED provides the ability to control the color temperature of an LED luminaire in a smooth, seamless, fashion to provide soft ambient lighting control. The performance is equivalent to the dimming curve of an Incandescent lamp.

The DW-208 is a dual-section chip-on-board (COB) LED consisting of two separate LED strings. The DW-208’s light output is a blend of string one and string two resulting in a combined COB color temperature ranging from approximately 2700K at full brightness to 1500K when dimmed.

The color temperature is adjusted by modifying the current between the two strings. As current is reduced to the first string, the second string which is the lower CCT string becomes more dominant creating a blended LED light that replicates dimmed incandescent light, or that of a candle with a color temperature less than 2000K.

The Dim-To-Warm operation of the COB requires an external balance resistor and a dimmable constant current power supply.


  •    Color temperature range 1500K to 2700K
  •    Smooth dimming through ‘off’ to full brightness
  •    Efficacy, typically 100 Lumens/Watt at full brightness
  •    Full beam angle 120°
  •    Compatible with 3rd party reflectors
  •    20 to 22 Watts for optimum performance
  •    Alignment board supplied to aid assembly
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Description Symbol Rating Unit
Power Dissipation (Note 1) P 25 Watts
Forward Current I-f 750 mA
Reverse Voltage V-r  60  V
Operating Temperature T-oper 75 Deg C
Storage Temperature T-stg 100 Deg C
Case Temperature T-C 75 Deg C

Note 1: Absolute maximum power dissipation and forward current are for the sum of both LED strings. For best performance, power should be limited to 20-22 watts.
Note 2: Operating temperature as measured at point on the COB marked “TC”.Performance Specifications

Conditions Parameter Limits
(TJ=25) Min Typ Max
Forward Current, 600Ma Forward Voltage 32 33 34
100% Brightness CCT 2700K
50% Brightness CCT 2400K
25% Brightness CCT 2200K
10% Brightness CCT 1800K
Efficacy Lumens/Watt
75% to 100% Brightness CRI  80
25% to 75% Brightness CRI  70
5% to 25% Brightness CRI  50

DW208 performance charts

Block DiagramOperationLED String #1 (1500k – deep amber light) has a maximum power output of 10W and is connected to a series color balancing 100 Ohm/1watt resistor [supplied].LED String #2 (2700K – yellowish white light) has a maximum power output of 20W.When the DW208 is powered up, via the analog dimmable (or TRIAC dimmable constant current power supply), LED String #2 can be adjusted to any light level, within its range.When the dimmer is applied, the current is varied to LED String #1. At a low brightness setting, full current is applied to this string, and it will contribute its deep amber light to the overall COB light output. The Dim-To-Warm effect of the COB is controlled by the dimmer and can be adjusted to the users’ preference from warm white to cool white and everything in between. The dimming operation is very smooth and can provide 100% brightness to zero.In practice, the 1500K string and the 2700K string combine to give a typical CCT of 2700K at
full power.

Assembly Instructions

LED Assembly Instructions

*Hailux Lighting recommends the use of Ledil Brooke Series reflectors [Models #12352 (18°), #12083 (34°) and #12084 (47°)] for mechanical compatibility with the 2 x M3 screw installation.

Assembly Instructions Without A Reflector

  • Step 1: Prepare the heatsink with two threaded M3 holes, 24mm apart
  • Step 2: Temporarily locate the alignment board with the two M3 screws. (Do not tighten)
  • Step 3: Apply Thermal Interface Material
  • Step 4: Place the COB inside the alignment board and tighten the screws clamping both the COB and alignment board.

Assembly Instructions With A Reflector

Complete Steps 1 through 4, then remove the screws and washers, assemble the reflector reusing the 4-40UNC screws and washers.

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