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Horticultural COB LEDs
Description Order Number
Red/Near IR, 40W TG-40R
Blue, 40W TG-40B
Hailux HPS Spectrum, 40W TG-40G
UV, 10W TG-10U

Horticultural COB LEDs

Hailux Lighting’s horticultural chip-on-board (COB) LEDs which use the industry’s most advanced phosphor formulations to optimize spectral characteristics were developed to deliver industry-leading high PPF performance in the ‘plant growth essential’ wavelengths of 380nm to 750nm:

  •    380nm to 400nm, UV
  •    400nm to 750mm, Hailux HPS Spectrum
  •    500nm to 600nm, Blue
  •    600nm to 750mm, Amber/Red/Near IR

Designed for use in Horticultural Grow lights, these COB LEDs can be used in combination with each other to mirror the spectral distribution of the McCree Curve for the most productive plant growth.

Each Horticultural COB LED is adjustable and can be dimmed, independently of each other, to adjust the ratio of each light color, as needed for each phase of a plant’s growth cycle.


  •    40W COB LEDs in a 19mm x 19mm package
  •    Plant essential wavelengths
  •    Extremely high efficacy, 2.0 to 2.2 PPF/W (does not apply to the UV COB)
  •    Advanced chip phosphor technologies
  •    Adjustable/dimmable
  •    Compatible with COB holders from multiple manufacturers
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Description Symbol Rating Unit
Power Dissipation
TG-10 Series P 10 Watts
TG-40 Series P 40  Watts
Forward Current
TG-10 Series A 0.35 Amperes
TG-40 Series A 1.2 Amperes
Storage Temperature T-stg 100 Deg C
Case Temperature T-C 100 Deg C

The following COB LED holders are compatible with the TG-40 Series of Horticultural COB LEDs.

Manufacturer Datasheet Type Part #
Bender+Wirth Link Connectable Wires  433
Mitronix  Link Push-In Wire Connector GL-E1919
Ideal Industries  Link Push-In Wire Connector  50-2103CT

Block Diagram

The diagram below depicts the TG Series of Horticultural COB LEDs connected to an LED Driver (LED Power Supply), which can be either Dimming or Non-Dimming.

Hailux Lighting recommends the use of a Constant-Current Driver for optimum product performance.

Internally, the TG-40 Series has ten diode strings, connected in parallel, with each string comprising 12 LED chips connected in series whereas the TG-10 Series has four parallel strings, with each string being 10 UV-diode chips connected in series.

Block Diagram

Mechanical Diagram

TG Series Mechanical Outline

Performance Charts


UV Spectrum Chart


Blue Spectrum Chart

TG-40G Hailux HPS Spectrum COB LED

Hailux HPS Spectrum

TG-40R Red/Near IR COB LED

Red Spectrum Chart

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