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Variable CCT Controller TCC-100

Variable CCT Controller

Hailux Lighting’s TCC-100 Controller provides variable control for high power dual-CCT or SMD arrays.

Driven by an analog-dimmable, constant current power supply and adjusted with a TRIAC, or analog dimmable (0 -10V or external 100K potentiometer) driver, is a cost-effective variable controller for a variety of applications.

The TCC-100 can be used in conjunction with Photonic Lighting’s:

Tunable White COB LED  – to adjust color temperature from 3000K to 6000K

Electronically Variable Beam Angle COB LED  – to adjust the beam angle electronically

Or any…

  • High power (up to 60W LED power) dual-CCT COB LEDs
  • SMD arrays

…with compatible circuitry.

The TCC-100 is perfect for luminaires, or applications, that require the adjustment of color temperature such as healthcare, interior design, restaurants, retail, videography/photography and much, much more.


  •    3000K to 6000K color temperature adjustment
  •    Dimmable, flicker-free transition
  •    Multiple COB LED control
  •    Up to 60W of LED power
  •    Proprietary Pulse Width Modulation Control
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Description Min. Max. Unit
Total LED Dual-String Maximum Operating Power 0 60 Watts
Total Operating Current 3.0 Amps DC
LED String Operating Voltage 10  50  VDC
Brightness Range (Each String) 1% 99%
Total Power variation Over CCT-Adjustable Range +/- 5%
Controller Internal Efficiency 95% Deg C
Ambient Temperature Range -10Co +50Co Celcius

Variable CCT Controller mechanical

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


The TCC-100, variable CCT controller, can control up to 60 Watts of LED power, the max. power can be delivered to a single LED string or distributed to multiple LED strings. 

The TCC-100 utilizes a proprietary Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) power distribution circuitry. 

The output power is determined by the constant-current analog dimmable power supply including applications where the driver is adjusted for a dimmed light level. 

LED brightness remains constant with no ‘dead-time,’ flickering or RGB color variations making the TCC-100 ideal for photography/videography applications.

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